Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Hey" is Swedish for "Hello"

In an earlier post, I described Dr. Lama as Santa Claus. Little did I know back then that Santa would be taking me up North! To Sweden to be precise. Dr. Lama was invited to speak at a conference on "GCC-EU Relations under the Swedish Presidency of the European Union." The conference took place in Lund, which is closer to Copenhagen (Denmark) than it is to Stockholm. A pretty university town with a grand hotel where they do not help you with your luggage at the lobby.

It was a very short trip, but highlights include:

1) Taking pictures of a truckload of high school graduates roaming the town in celebration of their graduation
2) Being asked to take a ticket to wait in line at the bakery store, even when there was only one other customer there
3) Staring incredulously at a bunch of ducks using the zebra crossing to cross the street at a traffic light. Are they for real? We don't even have zebra crossings for humans, but over here even the DUCKS use them!?
4) Wondering what time the sun is going to set.. never?
5) Taking pictures of the signs at the Copenhagen Airport... Danish is be easier than I thought it was. Or, in the words of one friend "ispeakdanish."

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